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- Pricing - 


We do not do any Registered or Trademarked items.  We will create cakes, cookies or cupcakes that will coordinate with and compliment your theme.



5"  2-Layer Mini-Cake (serves 8)  from $45

6”  2-Layers (serves 14)  from $60

6"  3-Layers (serves 20)  from $80

6"  Tall   (serves 28)  from $100   (4-layers)

7"   2-Layers (serves 20)  from $72

7"   3-Layers (serves 28)  from $92

8"   2-Layers (serves 24)   $85

8"   3-Layers (serves 40)  from $150

8"  Tall  (serves 52)  from $185  (4-layers)

Basic buttercream design.   Please allow us artistic liberty to create a beautiful cake for you.

Extras such as macarons, candies, living flowers, buttercream flowers, fondant accents, edible images, etc. are additional and priced accordingly for design of cake.

Cakes are iced with delicious, buttery smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream (contains eggs)

American Buttercream available on request

Personalized acrylic toppers can be pre-ordered.  Price dependent on design.  $30+



Wedding cake (almond), chocolate, birthday cake (vanilla), Add $10 for strawberry, lemon, red velvet, cookies & cream, coconut
Add $15 for German Chocolate, Italian Cream or Carrot Cake

FILLINGS      Add $5 per layer

Chocolate ganache, cream cheese, strawberry, raspberry, cookies & cream, coconut, marshmallow cream


Start at $5.00/serving

Design will be determined during design consultation.  Photos provided by bride are acceptable.



Classic  $42/dozen  Deluxe  $48/dozen  Lux  $55/dozen

Classic:  Buttercream swirl with sprinkles

Deluxe:   More elaborate buttercream designs

Lux:  Buttercream flowers, real flowers, additional toppers 


2 dozen minimum order, 2 flavors


$30/2 dozen (8 dozen minimum order, 2 flavors)

Flavors:  Chocolate, Vanilla, Wedding Cake (vanilla/almond), Lemon, Strawberry, Margarita, Salted Caramel

*Carrot Cake available with a small upcharge for ingredients. Not available in minis.


Decorated Sugar Cookies

                                         Basic                 Detailed       Elaborate

                                         1-3 colors         4-6 colors    7+ colors


2" - 4"                                $51                   $54                 $66

Over 4"                              $60                  $72                 $84

Gold accents on cookies, add $5/dz

Writing on cookies, add $5/dz

Decorated Sugar Cookies

French Macarons


2 dozen minimum order​, one flavor per dozen.


Vanilla, Pistacchio, Strawberry, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon

*Note: Macaron flavors can be endless with different shell flavors and different fillings.  If you would like to add a specialty flavor, please indicate that on your request for a quote.

French Macrons
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